Sprinter Couriers offers unrivalled service and prices for sameday deliveries into Europe.

We can collect anything from an envelope to four pallets weighing up to 1.5 Tonnes from anywhere within the United Kingdom and deliver the consignment to anywhere throughout Europe, at the best possible speed.

From experience, moving small items via an overnight delivery service will cost less, but as with all overnight services this means that there is a chance that the package will not arrive at the specified time, will arrive damaged or even get lost in transit. This will never happen with our same-day service as the driver who collects will be the same driver that delivers at the destination, and as we are in contact with our drivers at all times, we can provide up to the minute information including ETA’s or potential delays due to traffic conditions.

With more volume our price, becomes more cost effective than using an overnight carrier. Most overnight carriers who operate a next day delivery service into Europe, have to send everything as Air Freight, this is an extremely expensive way of moving large amounts of Freight.

We can also collect throughout Europe to be returned to the UK.

Please call our office, to speak to one of our controllers to discuss our European services or to receive a no obligation quotation, so see whether using our dedicated driver service may save you money.